Bapcraft is closed

Thank you for playing.

Why I closed Bapcraft

There are several factors which led to my decision to close Bapcraft. First, a lack of players and player retention — it seems many people logged on and either couldn't figure it out, or just lost interest. There also weren't enough people who could moderate the server or were willing to play on it a lot.

Second, competing with Hypixel, 2B2T and others — it simply wouldn't be possible to take Bapcraft to the level of large megaservers. To do that, I would need expensive upgrades, higher bandwidth and a lot of (stable) electricity. And probably a lot of other things.

Third, a lack of support and demand for 1.12, and being unwilling to switch to newer versions — a major feature of Bapcraft was the fact that it ran on 1.12, the last version of Minecraft before everything got shitty. "Upgrading" would simply make Bapcraft just another server; part of the appeal was the more "classic" experience.

Fourth, troublesome plugins and maintenance in general.

Fifth, I just didn't enjoy it very much. Being a server admin is really hard, especially when people are working against you to try and destroy your server or people's builds.

What now?

That's up to you. I'll be working on other projects. You can download the world files here: World files

Will Bapcraft ever reopen?

It's unlikely. I don't feel like running it, and no one else does either.